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     Our products meet non-toxic or low toxicity testing of environmental protection
           standards which are adopted by Europe, the United States, Japan

  1) Q: How do you classify your materials?
  A: All of our products are made of PVC,EVA and TPU
(EVA and TPU are environmental protection materials.)
  2) Q: How thick is the material?
  A: 0.08 to 0.50mm.
  3) Q: What factors can affect the price?
  A: Product quantity, size, plastic bag type, material type,
    thickness, production difficulty and printing colors can affect
    the price.
  4) Q: What is the leadtime?  
  A: Generally,the leadtime will be two or three weeks,depends on situation.  
  5) Q: To where do you export your products?
  A: We have a long-time exports to Europe,America and many other countries or areas.  
  6) Q: What is the minimum order amount for overseas customers?  
  A: RMB 10000 yuan or above for each order.  
  7) Q: Is there any charge if make a Form A?
  A: RMB20,000 yuan or above,no charge,less than 20,000 yuan,USD 50 will be charged for each Form A.
  8) Q: Can you do the cargo as per customer's requests?  
  A: Chuangxin is original manufacturer. Most of our customers provide production requirements and design (for example,  
shape styles, printing pattern design and etc.)
  9) Q: Whether Chuangxin makes final draft or output film?  
  A: Generally, customers provide final draft and film. Simple design may be done by Chuangxin but it will be charged.  
    If the design is complex, it will be handled by design company and the design fee is borne by customer.  
  10) Q: What are your delivery methods?  
  A: All plastic bags will be delivered in cartons and packed in shrinkable film to reduce transportation space and  

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